In the Mix


I was commissioned by The Club Jersey, a 5 star luxury boutique hotel, to paint a mural in the stairwell which links a Michelin star restaurant, the Bohemia, and it’s sun terrace.


The proposed design, which represents a mix of the Bohemias cocktail ingredients. My aim was to bring this dark, forgotten corner to life using colour, movement and flow.


As the spray paint can would not fit behind the hand rail. Using a paint brush and acrylics I was able to keep the natural flow of the wall and direction of the stairs.



As you enter the stairwell, there is an immediate burst of energy and vibrant colour. Elements of cocktail ingredients, such as cranberries, limes and thyme are featured. Fizz and bubbles burst all around. This gives a feeling of immersion, as you journey through the creation of a Bohemia cocktail.


On closer inspection you will see the restaurant branding, and other brand logos which are sold behind the bar, such as Petrus and Montecristo.



As you rise to the top of the open air stairwell and into the newly renovated sun terrace, the designs intensity is reduced. You are welcomed with freshly growing herbs, which are used in the making of the cocktails.


I am a Mural Artist from the island of Jersey. Creating custom artwork for businesses, homes and vehicles. Painting directly onto the wall or surface using spray paint, but also onto board or canvas using acrylic paint. I experiment with different mediums and art forms, whether representational or abstract, from digital art to street art. I am currently accepting commissions on island and abroad. Contact

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