Mural for Rio Hair & Beauty (with video)

Back in November 2016, I began painting a mural for Rio Hair & Beauty. I spent the following 3 weeks working evenings, over-night and Sunday’s, as it was not viable to paint during salon opening times.

Going back to the beginning of this commission, I must mention the 6ft mood-board made by the Rio staff, collated from the magazines in the salons waiting area.

Working from the mood-board Rio provided, I began piecing together imagery from old magazines and other collected materials.

After several experimental collages, I produced a maquette which would guide me through the next 3 weeks. A small ‘colour wheel’ keyring attached to the salon key, a guide used by hairdressers when colouring hair, would also play a fundamental part in the painting.

Work began on the blue wall, the larger of the two. Having the salon to myself during the evenings was a perfect environment to focus on this task. Luckily there was a surround sound system and Earl Grey on tap!

The mural was completed using solely spray paint, with the aid of tape and cardboard for certain areas which needed masking. As you can see the colour wheel subtly encompasses this wall.

Moving onto the contrasting ‘white wall’. Treating this as a separate stand alone piece, which I would subtly link with the neighbouring blue wall. Working from white as a base rather than blue would be an influential factor in the final piece. This is apparent when looking at the mural as a whole and plays with the light & shadow of the space.

Again the full colour wheel features on this wall. Something which appears in much of my work is the leopard print. If you look closely a word is spelled out.

I had to keep in mind passers by when designing this wall, as it looks directly onto a busy street and would be an ideal chance to catch the attention of passers by. Keeping the prominent eyes large and at the viewers eye line was key. Also the stairs lead up to the beauty section of the salon.

I must thank Rio Hair & Beauty for this commission. It was highly enjoyable and has played a seminal role in my work so far. Testing my limits as an artist, especially when shifting my work hours from day to night.

I had the pleasure of PTF Motion Design filming me throughout the project. PTF put an edit together and has captured the process and feel perfectly. Thank you for this PTF, I love it!


Bokra was commissioned to bring life, vitality and colour to the walls of Rio Hair & Beauty in Jersey, St. Helier. The collage style mural features elements collected by the hairdressers from the magazines in the salons waiting area. Bokra uses spray paint to create the mix of figurative and abstract imagery.

Bokra is a Mural Artist from the island of Jersey. Creating custom artwork for businesses, homes and vehicles. Painting directly onto the wall or surface using spray paint, but also onto board or canvas using acrylic paint. Experimenting with different mediums and art forms, whether representational or abstract, from digital art to street art.

Currently accepting commissions on island and abroad.

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