New York, New York

I totally understand why you have to say it twice now, it’s just an incredible city, only said once is not enough!

Visiting New York was not only inspirational, but also a surreal experience. One of my highlights was painting the New York skyline onto a ‘drop off’ second hand deck for KCDC Skateshop, based in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

My artwork being utilised!

The main event was an insane experience, I had to step back from where I was and what I was doing a few times! It feels like your in a film. Gs chillin on the stoop drinking 40s, Hip Hop pumping, the subway overpass rumbling by every few minutes, planes flying over constantly, the pungent smells, and the American accent forever present.

JMZ Walls set me up in Lin’s Laundromat carpark, Bushwick. I had skated from the airbnb in East Bushwick with a full bag of paint purchased from Scrapyard and Lowbrow. The wall was much larger than anticipated, but Alberto (JMZ) had a ladder and emulsion sorted, he even had a six pack of beers with additional brown paper bags!

As the hot sunny day went on Urban Photographers were turning up to photograph all of JMZs artists. One of which had a Vape model/dancer in tow!

I have to thank everyone that I met in NYC, it was the trip of a lifetime and I will return.

If you’re an artist and you haven’t been, I urge you to go. It’s an investment into yourself.

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