Working closely with the family to devise a design for this bedroom wall began with a list of the boys current interests. Piecing together words and names such as Football, Supreme, LA, Graffiti, Street Art, OBEY and other brands, an environment was built with all the interests featured.

Using only spray paint, a large amount of information had to fit into this small wall space. Components such as the posters pictured below assisted in bringing several of the words together.



The unmistakable lifeguard towers of Santa Monica beach set infront of an LA skyline.

I am a Mural Artist from the island of Jersey. Creating custom artwork for businesses, homes and vehicles. Painting directly onto the wall or surface using spray paint, but also onto board or canvas using acrylic paint. I experiment with different mediums and art forms, whether representational or abstract, from digital art to street art. I am currently accepting commissions on island and abroad. Contact

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