The Mural Project (blog part 1 of 2)

The Mural Project 1 (TMP1) was part of Skipton Art Series, an event which brings artists together to collaborate whilst engaging with the community. TMP1 was held at Parade Gardens, involving myself, Abi Overland and Will Bertram. We each had a section of wall to paint on the corner of Savile and Cannon Street. We used our own techniques to engage with the community to gain the content which would inspire the murals. This was a great way for me to experiment with the response from the community in preparation for The Mural Project 2 at La Colomberie.

The Mural Project 2 (TMP2) took three weeks to complete using spray paint, and a roller. Plus another two weeks of research and design development.

First I engaged with the community, asking them questions such as ‘what makes you smile’ and ‘what influences you’. Standing in front of the blank wall at La Colomberie, I asked the people who stopped to draw a picture or write a story to answer the questions.

I returned to the studio and surrounded myself with a selection of drawings and stories to help inspire a design for the proposed blank gable wall.

Whilst I was in the studio, scaffolding was being set up at La Colomberie and a painter/decorator was prepping the wall, readying this large canvas for my return.

I produced numerous collages from used materials, unused print from the past century and some of my old artwork. Focusing mainly on composition, I finalised 2 collages, one for the interior of the figure and another for the surrounding areas.

Once happy with the composition, I returned to the sketchbook and created a series of drawings. Placing the information gathered from the community into sections of the collage. Making sure there was no final design, so as not to constrain the painting process and leave room for growth.

During summer I completed the first of a series of ‘Russian dolls’ at Rosemount Estate, also viewed from Mont Pinel. Before beginning La Colomberie I returned to this painting and noticed weaknesses in areas due to a lack in development and research. This influenced me to create three mood boards which I would keep with me at whilst painting at La Colomberie and could return to for inspiration.

Below is an image of the final layout and composition to scale. I redrew this grid on the wall before marking all the shapes out then using the roller to fill the larger spaces.

I will post part 2 of this blog tomorrow…

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