The Mural Project (blog part 2 of 2)

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Photo Credit: Holly Louise Smith Photography

The theme which emerged from meeting with the public was ‘community’. Everyone expressed fondest memories when talking of friends and family or adventures. I wanted to depict this in the painting using hapes that intertwine, connecting patterns, communities and cities, patterns in nature. I also used a photo of St. Helier taken from the top floor of the scaffolding.

I struggled with the section pictured below. Adamant to get a bit of Beano in the painting, I flicked though a hundred Beano’s and Dandy’s to find the perfect image. I began painting a school photo of the Bash Street Kids, unhappy with the direction it was going and fear that it would be misunderstood, I repainted the section to show a figure diving into water, and the word Sploosh! written below, inspired by Roy Lichtenstein.

One of the final sections to paint whilst on the scaffolding was the face. After assessing the surface I noticed a concave exactly where the eye would sit. I decided to fill the space with cement which would stop any shadows or unnatural levels in one of the most important areas of the painting. This unwanted effect would also have been increased when viewed from 40ft below due to the angles.

After the scaffolding was removed I completed the final section (pictured below) which was inaccessible due to scaffolding. It portrays members of the public ‘looking up and smiling’. I want people to walk past and look up from what they are doing, stop for a moment and not be going somewhere. A dental advert from a 1940’s newspaper (also pictured below) summed this up perfectly.

A huge thank you not only to the member of the public who stopped to write stories and draw pictures, but also to the sponsors: Art House Jersey for securing the walls, Skipton International for the funding, Ladbrokes for letting me paint on their wall, and Neil Livesey for the scaffolding.

A Chance meeting as I was completing the mural with my Mum and Brothers…Dad just out of shot driving past!

A week later I organised an unveiling, which wasn’t without its difficulties. The electricity failed and it rained, but that always makes for a memorable evening. Thanks to Holly Louise Smith Photography for taking the photos on the night and on the scaffolding. And all my friends and family who attended and supported.

Photo Credit: Holly Louise Smith Photography

Photo Credit: Holly Louise Smith Photography

The Mural Project 3 & 4 coming soon…

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